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  • Mineral 89 - Skin Fortifying Daily Booster
  • Mineral 89 - Skin Fortifying Daily Booster
  • Mineral 89 - Skin Fortifying Daily Booster

MINERAL 89Mineral 89 - Skin Fortifying Daily BoosterNew

Facial serum - Serum

The unique combination of Vichy Mineralizing Water, for the 1st time concentrated up to 89%, associated to natural origin Hyaluronic Acid.
Minéral 89 reinforces skin barrier function, to make skin every day stronger against aggressors like pollution, stress and fatigue. In 7 days, skin is bouncy inside & glowy outside.

All skin types.
M89 reinforces skin barrier function against external and internal agressions, to use as the 1st step of every routine in an urban environment.

SKIN TYPEAll skin types
WHENMorning + Evening
BENEFITSIn 7 days, skin is bouncy inside & glowy outside!

Vichy Mag

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Mineral 89 - Skin Fortifying Daily Booster
Mineral 89 - Skin Fortifying Daily Booster

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