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Face masks: your most loyal skin saviour in summer

This summer, keep your skin clean & glowy with 3 mineral-rich masks in a burst of natural freshness.

Face masks: your most loyal skin saviour in summer

Sun exposure can lead to redness, fine lines, and an uneven skin tone. Even if you stay out of direct sunlight, the heat can leave you with a dry skin and chapped complexion.   It's time to reach for a nourishing, mineral-based face mask like the Quenching Mineral Mask by Vichy! Once you get back from vacation, avoid blemished with the Pore Purifying Clay. Here are our five top reasons why your skin will thank you afterwards...

Hydrate thirsty skin after a day in the sun

It's rare that we drink enough water during the day, especially when it's hot outside. Just like our bodies, our skin needs hydration. The Quenching Mineral Mask is like a long glass of cool water for your skin. Leave on for 5 minutes, then massage in any excess for immediate and long-lasting freshness.

Relieve discomfort caused by UV rays

The sun can leave us with tight, uncomfortable skin. Using a face mask replenishes and strengthens the skin barrier, relieving any discomfort and giving you a healthier-looking complexion. The Quenching Mineral Mask smells minty and leaves skin feeling fresh thanks to its mineral ingredients and liquid gel texture. For an extra dose of comfort, spritz some Vichy Mineralizing Water, scientifically known for its regenerating property, over your face after applying the mask.

Remove impurities to let your skin breathe this summer

After a long, hot day on the beach, pores are just-this-close to becoming clogged if you don’t give them a proper wash. Purify skin with an amazing clay mask! Rich in two white clays : Kaolin and Bentonite clay , the two teams together and acts like a ‘magnet’ to draw out excess sebum. Aleo Vera extracts brings comfort to the skin to hydrate and to sooth the skin.

Boost your glow for the summer evening

Whether it’s a dinner with friends or a bonfire on the beach, the Double Peeling Mask is your new BFF. In 5 minutes, you’ll have radiant skin thanks to the AHA and volcanic rock exfoliation. Pack it in your beauty bag whenever you go on vacation, or whenever you're planning on spending the day outdoors.

Relax your body and mind

It's not only our skin that can feel tired and dried-out after sun exposure, you can too! Make the most of some me-time and, after applying your mask, put your feet up and treat yourself to some homemade detox water: an infusion of fruit in a glass of filtered water. Try lemon and cucumber, or even strawberry, for a deliciously fruity thirst-quencher!

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