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How can Vichy pH balancing water combat skin aggressors ?

Misting your face with Vichy pH balancing water helps combat external aggressors that damage your skin every day. Here’s the proof.

How can Vichy pH balancing water combat skin aggressors ?

Vichy pH balancing water is not just for cooling off when it's hot. By providing precious minerals (15 in total) to the superficial layers of the epidermis, Vichy pH balancing water strengthens the skin. Spritz after spritz, the facial skin fights more effectively against external aggressors.

PH balancing action for a stronger skin, ready to face the harmful effects of pollution

In town or in the countryside, today nobody escapes pollution. The real enemy of beautiful skin, it settles on the face and acidifies the skin’s pH. When skin is attacked and unbalanced in this way, it weakens. When skin undergoes these acid assaults, Vichy pH balancing water’s buffering capacity maintains the natural pH balance of the skin. Result: the skin is stronger and more beautiful.

An action against free radicals in the environment

It’s difficult to escape sunlight, dust or cigarette smoke once you set foot outside... These are the major skin influencers. However, the little external aggressions suffered by the skin are all sources of oxidation and thus responsible for the production of free radicals. But Vichy pH balancing water can come to your rescue. Indeed, a scientific test* at Vichy Laboratories has demonstrated its action on the major free radicals. “After 4 days of Vichy pH balancing water’s application directly onto the skin, its antioxidant defenses were strengthened."

A soothing action to beat the stress of modern life

Redness and irritation of sensitive skin are the visible signs of a skin defense reaction against an unfavorable environment. Pollution, climate change – and of course, stress. Every stress attack can trigger cascading sensations of discomfort (tingling, itching, inflammation). The soothing and anti-irritant properties of Vichy pH balancing water have been clinically demonstrated on sensitive skin. Results: after misting the face with Vichy pH balancing water 2 times per day for 1 month, there was a significant decrease in itching, redness and rashes.

* Clinical study conducted by Vichy Laboratories.

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