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How should you protect your skin against skin influencers?

Many internal and external factors have an impact on the appearance of your skin. Fortunately, there are treatments that can fortify your skin and preserve its energy. Here’s our advice.

How do internal factors affect the skin?

These are related to natural events within the body, or to your lifestyle, such as:
- Hormonal imbalance: this usually occurs at puberty, with a significant increase in sebum production and the appearance of acne. But also during pregnancy, as it can damage the fibers of collagen and elastin. The third key moment in a woman’s life is menopause. At this time, the hormones secreted have a drying effect on the skin and make it lose its elasticity.
- Lack of sleep: if you regularly sleep for less than 6 hours per night, this degrades your skin’s health and accelerates its aging process. As a result, the skin has more wrinkles, blemishes and the tissue loses its firmness.
-Tobacco: the cause of oxidative stress, it contributes to the formation of age spots and wrinkles.

And the external factors?

These are determined by the environment around you, such as:
- UV rays that generate free radicals: these aggressive molecules weaken the protective mechanisms of the skin, causing premature aging and disrupting the synthesis of melanin.
- Pollution: this alters the protective function of the cutaneous barrier, alters the acid-base balance and makes the skin more sensitive.
- Temperatures: too hot or too cold, these can dilate the pores, stimulate redness and deeply dehydrate the skin.

What beauty regime should you adopt in order to strengthen your skin?

Morning and evening, liberate the pores of their accumulated impurities by using micellar water, a cleansing milk or a gel cleanser suitable for your skin type. Then keep pollutant particles and free radical attacks at bay, by applying a serum that is concentrated in active ingredients.

Continue your regime with the application of a moisturizer. Pick one that is rich in Kombucha, such as  Idéalia cream, light-enhancing and smoothing, if your skin is tired. Or a product formulated with Rhamnose and hyaluronic acid if the epidermis is showing its first signs of aging. As for mature skin, go for a treatment based on the plumping properties: glycerin and hedione.

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