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Our unique heritage: the power of Vichy Mineralizing Water.

At the heart of Vichy’s history, is an 80 year-old discovery of the regenerating properties of Vichy Mineralizing Water.

Our unique heritage: the power of Vichy Mineralizing Water.

A medical director at the Vichy thermal treatment center for health issues, Dr. Haller discovered the water’s power to heal skin scarring. The transformation was so visible, he decided to create a range of skincare around this miracle water: Les Secrets de Vichy.

What Dr. Haller first realised back in 1931 is this is a water unlike others.  A precious gift of nature, the water of Vichy flows through thousands-year-old rock in France’s volcanic region, giving it extraordinary mineral diversity and the power to reinforce the natural defenses present in the skin. Preserving its unique fortifying properties into modern skincare products is the pillar of Vichy’s savoir-faire today.


Vichy Mineralizing Water contains no less than 15 minerals. That’s because by the time it surges up in Vichy, Auvergne, it’s travelled more than 4000 meters below the earth’s surface, infiltrating mineral after mineral on its journey. Emerging at its spring source, Vichy Mineralizing Water is of exceptional strength.

prove the multiple ways
Vichy Mineralizing Water
works to reinforce
skin defenses against aggressions

100% PURE

Untouched, Vichy Mineralizing Water comes from an area free and protected from pollution. Maintaining this exceptional level of purity, afforded by nature, is our daily commitment. The journey of every mineral drop is meticulously tracked:

  • First, at source the water undergoes bacteriological control tests and its’ first filtration.
  • Then only the precise amount of water is collected in a tank transported to the Vichy factory 4km away.
  • On delivery to the Vichy factory, each tank is analyzed for 6 criteria and a water sample stored for up to 4 years.
  • Before final incorporation into products, our water is once against filtrated (a double sterilizing filtration).
  • Finally it is incorporated at the end of the production process, always within 7 days maximum after sourcing, in order to keep its precious, activeness and its strength.


16 scientific studies prove the multiple ways Vichy Mineralizing Water works to reinforce skin defenses against aggressions. Among those findings: Vichy’s water helps to rebalance pH, creating a buffer effect that reinforces the skin against aggressors.  Vichy’s water reinforces skin whether dealing with UV or pollution by activating antioxidant systems, easing the skin consequences of stress and sleep troubles by stimulating defenses and reducing moisture loss. 
Gentle enough to soothe the most sensitive of skin types, even under extreme aggressions such as a chemical peel, yet strong enough to help stimulate cellular regeneration and improve skin quality.


Yet, its very strength is also a constant challenge. That’s why at Vichy, we say we formulate around our Mineralizing Water – not, with. Incorporating it as an active ingredient for the skin is anything but straightforward due to its very high mineral content. Vichy formulation experts have developed specific methods to be able to use it into products as this mineral strength tends to break the formula.  Vichy Mineralizing Water is also not stable above 45°C when to make a skincare cream, the average temperature is 70°C.

100% NATURAL. 100% PURE. 100% ACTIVE

Our unique heritage: the power of Vichy Mineralizing Water.

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Mineral 89 - Skin Fortifying Daily Booster

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Mineral 89 Eye Contour Repairing Concentrate

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pH Balancing Thermal Water


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