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The best skincare protocol to strengthen and protect the skin barrier during the COVID-19 period

Here is our round up of the best ingredients and skincare routine to start incorporating now.

The best skincare protocol to strengthen and protect the skin barrier during the COVID-19 period

COVID-19 mask skin irritation - what are the symptoms?

“Wearing a mask is essential for your health, yet it can be irritating for your skin”, says Marion Nielsen Pharm, Global Scientific Director at Vichy Laboratoires. If you have noticed an increase in skin dryness and sensitivity, this has an explanation. Wearing a face mask can cause damage to the skin barrier, due to the repeated friction caused by any rubbing or pulling of your face mask and occlusion. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and increased by the protection measures necessary to implement, we have observed an increase in skin issues, such as sky dryness, rosacea, and even maskne. For example, the hot and humid conditions caused by wearing a mask all day can destabilize the natural environment of the skin barrier, resulting in its alteration. This can subsequently lead to an increased susceptibility to external aggressors such as exposome factors (pollution, allergens, stress) resulting in an increased skin dryness, sensitivity, irritation, and even inflammation sensitive skin. If your skin is irritated, red, dull, dehydrated, itchy, burning or tingling, you may need to change your routine to protect your skin during these times.

What are the best ingredients to repair skin during COVID-19?

Although it is protective, the skin barrier is also very delicate, and wearing a face mask can alter its integrity and function. For example, a face mask can cause repeated friction which will damage its barrier function. Additionally, a hot and humid environment due to the occlusion can cause bacteria proliferation and sebum overproduction, resulting in microbiome disbalance and destabilize the skin barrier’s natural environment. When the skin barrier is weakened, its protective function is decreased. As a consequence, the skin is less able to retain hydration, and gets more permeable to external aggressors like allergens, pollution particles, microbes. “An altered skin barrier can induce dehydrated skin and sometimes inflammation. Dehydrated skin means that your skin is lacking water. It can be dry and itchy and perhaps dull looking. It is treatable with a correct skincare routine. When the skin barrier is altered, it can also induce inflammation resulting in redness, burning, stinging sensations, and inflammatory lesions”, says Marion Nielsen Pharm, Global Scientific Director at Vichy Laboratoires. If you have experienced irritation, burning, tingling, redness, dullness or dehydration, your skin is likely lacking hydration, and your skin barrier may be compromised.

What is the best skincare routine to fortify and hydrate skin during COVID-19?

The first step of your skincare routine should start with Vichy Minéral 89 Daily Fortyfing & Plumping Daily Booster, which strengthens the skin with its unique profile of 15 different minerals. Designed to rehydrate and protect the delicate skin barrier, this hydrating serum is enriched with Vichy’s highest concentration of 89% Vichy volcanic Mineralizing Water and hyaluronic acid. The gel serum absorbs into the skin, providing 24-hour hydration, and is both hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin. After application, your skin is protected, plumped and prepped for the next step of your targeted fortifying skincare routine.   An additional step in your skincare routine could be applying Vichy Aqualia Light Cream. This cream targets daily moisture loss by rehydrating the skin with an intense and long-lasting daily formula inspired by isotonic rehydration. This solution is based on the same concept used by athletes, to replenish a dehydrated body’s natural fluids of water, minerals, and sugar. This hydrating moisturizer is enriched with Vichy volcanic Mineralizing Water, hyaluronic acid, shea butter and plant sugar mannose, key ingredients to lock in moisture and reduce water loss. After use, skin is left feeling dewy, fresh and hydrated. It is hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin.

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Minéral 89 Fortifying Recovery Mask

Minéral 89 Fortifying Recovery Mask


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Mineral 89 - Skin Fortifying Daily Booster

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