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  • Vitamin C Freshshot
  • Vitamin C Freshshot
  • Vitamin C Freshshot

LIFTACTIVVitamin C FreshshotNew

Facial serum - Serum

Liftactiv Freshshot is a 10 day skin booster shot that contains dermatological powerful active ingredients - 15% Pure Vitamin C, Natural origin fragmented Hyaluronic Acid.

With 0% fragrance, colorants, silicon, parabens and texturizing agents, it is safe for all skin types.

In 10 days, skin is firmer, brighter and with less fine lines.
For any woman over 35 looking for fast-acting solutions to keep skin looking healthy, rested and young, no matter the life conditions.



  • +24% MORE TONIC

In 10 days**

  • +21% BRIGHTER
  • -6.5% FINE LINES

*Clinically proven efficacy after 10 days
**Clinical scoring and auto-scoring of 52 women

SKIN TYPEAll skin types
WHENMorning or evening
BENEFITSIn 10 days, skin is firmer, brighter and with less fine lines!
Recommended Retail Price: $52

Vichy Mag

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Vitamin C Freshshot
Vitamin C Freshshot

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