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Dercos Neogenic Hair Rebirth treatment
Dercos Neogenic Hair Rebirth treatment


Dercos Neogenic Hair Rebirth treatment

Hair treatment - Hair-Loss Treatment

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Hair-growth treatment: +1700 new hair in 90 days

For men and women suffering from a lack of capillary density, whose scalp is visible or sparce

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Stemoxydine 5%- patented molecule
The 1st biomimetic molecule, to promote the effective functioning of stem cells,
wich are at the origin of new hair.

Awakens dormant bulbs.
The number of hair fibers increases, the head of hair is “re-filled”.



Between 2 cycles, the hair bulb falls into a dormant phase during wich the bulb is on hold and remains empty.
To change phase , the hair bulb needs a wake up signal: it is by working on this phase that L'Oreal Research has discovered the role of stem cells in the awakening of dormant bulbs and renewal the hair.
Dercos Neogenic with Stemoxydine, 1st molecule biomimetic molecule to promote the effective functioning of stem cells.
Awakens dormant bulbs.
1700 new hair in 90 days*

Suitable for sensitive scalp. The formula is hypoallergenic, paraben free, non sticky.

Awakens dormant buls.
Hair density is increased
On average 1700 ne hair in 90 days*

Test on 101 subjects, daily application for 3 months - Average value for an alopecic hair.


Stimulating a sense of freshness with the application ot Neogenic lotion. Then very quickly, the lotion disappears and leaves no greasy film.
The styling is easy. The light scent, very natural was formulated to seduce women and men. .THE PLEASURE OF A MICROMASSAGE
Thanks to the ergonomic massage tip.
Very soft, it can perform a micro-massage of the scalp stimulating microcirculation.


How to use it:
Daily treatment: a single dose in the morning or evening on wet or dry hair. With a massaging applicator. During 3 months for optimum efficiency.

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