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DERCOSDensi-Solutions - Hair Mass Recreating Concentrate

Hair mass is the combination of the number, the thickness and the resistance of the hair. It can decrease influenced by hair ageign and environnemental aggressions. This scalp lotion associates antioxidant resveratrol to densifying Stemoxydine to multiply the number of hair. Styling agent gives hold and enhances the volume from the roots.

- More hair - Scalp freshness - Invigorating fragrance

Clinically proven efficacy under dermatological control.

  • More hair density to recover hair mass in 6 weeks.*

    *Clinical test, 179 women, 6 weeks

    HAIR TYPEAll hair types
    HAIR SYMPTOMSHair mass decrease. Thinning and weakened hair.
    WHENSeveral times a week
    BENEFITSIncrease the number of your hair
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    Densi-Solutions - Hair Mass Recreating Concentrate
    Densi-Solutions - Hair Mass Recreating Concentrate

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